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Lingue e Letterature moderne

Level C1 competence in Spanish Language.

Educational goals

This 9 credits course consists of two parts of 6 and 3 credits, the first one (6 cfu) taught by prof. Ivana Rota and the second one (3 cfu) by prof. Luisa Chierichetti. The course provides 9 CFU: it is not possible to obtain only 6 or only 3 CFU.
At the end of the part taught by professor Rota, the student will have acquired the basic notions about the translation of the literary text and an overview of the issues related to inclusive language in the Spanish-speaking countries.
At the end of the part taught by professor Chierichetti the student, at a metalinguistic and disciplinary level, will have acquired the basic notions of corpus stylistics applied to Spanish literary texts and will be able to apply them in the analysis and understanding of literary texts.

Course content

The part taught by professor Rota will focus, from a theoretical and practical point of view, on the theory of literary translation and the critical analysis of non poetic translations from Spanish into Italian, based on the difficulties of the communicative, pragmatic and semiotic context. It will also illustrate the various positions of the debate about policies relating to inclusive language in Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America.
the part taught by professor Chierichetti will address from a theoretical and practical point of view the use of IT tools for the stylistic analysis of literary texts in Spanish, providing insights into the analysis of literary texts aimed at stimulating linguistic awareness in students of the Spanish language, which can be the basis of translation activity.

Teaching methods

Lectures with PowerPoint slides. Students will be asked to actively participate in these activities, with exercise and team activities.
Guest lecturers may contribute to focus on specific topics.
During both semesters: C1+ Language training ("AAL lingua spagnola C1+") with a native teaching assistant. This training is an integral part of the course and it is essential for students to achieve the necessary C1+ command of Spanish, required for the examination on the corso ufficiale.

Assessment and Evaluation

Prof. Rota's corso ufficiale part exam will be written and in Spanish, and consists of 3 open questions and the commentary on a fragment of translation from Spanish into Italian.
Prof. Chierichetti's oorso ufficiale part exam consists of a stylistic analysis written in Spanish according to the instructions listed on the e-learning course. The work must be delivered one week before the exam date. Non-attending students will respond in writing to two open questions in Spanish regarding the book indicated in the bibliography. For both parts knowledge of the academic contents and communicative competence in Spanish (coherence, cohesion, clarity, accuracy, effective style and propriety of language) will be assessed. The final note will be evaluated out of thirty.
The assessment includes a test on language skills (AAL C1+) prior to a written exam on the syllabus of the course (corso ufficiale).
The overall examination grade is the result of the test on language skills AAL C1+ and of the examination on the corso ufficiale. All the examination parts must be successfully passed.
For AAL C1+ contents and information please see: https://www.unibg.it/studiare/frequentare/apprendimento-linguistico/spag...
All AAL C1+ tests must be taken at the same examination date. The overall grade obtained is valid for 18 months, after which the whole language test AAL C1+ must be repeated. It is not possible to refuse the mark obtained in the language test, as it is a partial grade. To obtain an overall passing mark, all the parts of the tests must be successfully passed. Only students who successfully passed the AAL C1+ tests may take the exam on the corso ufficiale.

Further information

The corso ufficiale bibliography is final and contains all the texts and reading materials needed by both attending and non-attending students to prepare for the exam. Besides the textbooks, the study of the materials on the e-learning platform is compulsory for everybody.

N.B. The program for the second year course of ISLLI "Lengua española y traducción LM II A" borrows from this course for a total of 5 credits which coincide with the second sub-period of lessons (30 hours).
Should the course be taught as a blended or online activity, some adjustments (with respect to what stated in the syllabus) may be necessary – and will be indicated on the course page – in order to make the course and the exams more easily accessible.
The DELE/SIELE Diploma de Español will be accepted for exemptions; please see https://www.unibg.it/studiare/frequentare/apprendimento-linguistico/rico... for details.